Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beach House Taboo

I didn’t want to make the trip to pick up my stepson from the beach house but he had broken up with his girlfriend and she had stranded him there.

When I arrived, it was obvious Jake had drank more than his fair share of beer, and I saw no reason not to have a few myself while we talked.

How was I to know a few beers would make him brave enough to reveal his true feelings for me – his true feelings and his nice, hard cock? How was I to know a few beers would ignite my own lust for my stepson?

I never realized how bad I wanted him. I never realized how good it could be. The trip to the beach house changed everything.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

I Taught Him How (Taboo Erotica)

I came home early, ready to relax and enjoy my unplanned day off, only to have my heart broken when I heard some rude girl hurt the feelings of my stepson when she stormed off just because he had come too soon.

I hadn’t really planned on things going where they went but I couldn’t help myself after I saw him stroking his thick cock in the shower while imagining his sexy stepmom pleasuring him, and who else could be better at teaching him how to please a woman in bed?

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The title is also available as a non-taboo older woman/younger man erotica tale, which can also be bought at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moresome fun with MJ

Hey smutsters! Yours truly came together with a bunch of erotica authors and it was a whole lot of fun.

Okay! Minds out of gutters... for now. There wasn't any hot orgy action with a wild pack of smut writers (yet) but one of my naughty tales is included in the new Go Girl Genderswap Bundle, which was put together by The Naughty List.

My contribution to the sexy fun is Gender Swap Boxer, so this is a great way to get into that spicy series... because Gender Swap Boxer 2 is currently available, and a third book in the series will be headed your way soon.

Other authors in the bundle include Raminar Dixon, Simone Beatrix, Natalie Deschain, Blair Buford, Thrust, Tiffany Bell, Gwendolyn Wilde, Zara Zavaroni, and Sierra Black.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gender Swap Boxer 2

Thanks to a co-worker, Rudy has discovered a new way to earn some quick cash - street fighting. But he figures his female alter-ego, Ruby, will stand a better chance against the tough guys in the fighting circle if they face a petite blonde with curves in all the right places.

What Rudy doesn't count on is the increasing sex drive of his female persona, which Ruby is finding harder and harder to resist; not that she's putting up too much of a fight.

Ruby dominates in the fight circle but she loses the battle with her raging libido, leading to a hot encounter with two men at once, and she starts to wonder if maybe the gender swap experiment might be getting out of control, especially since it's getting difficult to think of Ruby and Rudy as the same person. Will the female personality eventually take complete control, leaving Rudy as nothing more than a distant memory? It's a mystery that needs to be solved, but Ruby is having way too much fun to worry about that at the moment.

Length: 7000+ words

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions. Themes include gender transformations, masturbation, and MMF action. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.

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Teaser Excerpt

“Do I at least get to know your name since you’re feeling me up?” I asked.

The no-longer-bored guard laughed softly as his big hands cupped my tits. “Paulie.”

My breathing grew heavier as Paulie’s fingers grazed across my hard nipples. He stepped closer to me, and I could feel something solid pressing against my ass. I reached back, fumbling with his zipper as one of his hands slid down my stomach. His thick fingers slid effortlessly inside my tight workout shorts.

With a little effort, I finally got Paulie’s pants unzipped. I reached through the opening and immediately brushed up against the hot flesh of his throbbing cock. Paulie-boy was going commando. I pulled his thick rod out into the evening air as his fingers slid up and down between my wet, swollen pussy lips. Part of my brain reminded me I was here to fight but I was too horny to ignore the cravings of my body.

Paulie moaned as my hand slid up and down his thick shaft, and a low purr escaped my throat as he slid a finger inside me. “Oh, fuck yes, Paulie. Finger that tight cunt.”

The big man’s head tilted forward against me and his teeth nipped my neck. My legs started shaking as I felt my orgasm build, and I stroked Paulie’s cock faster.

“You’re gonna make me come,” he growled into my ear.